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O'Natural Shea

basket large jar of unrefined shea butter-travel jar-light shea soap bar & natural lip balm,
large jar unrefined shea butter best buy 16oz unrefined shea butter
medium jar unrefined shea butter 8oz unrefined shea butter
blended shea butter 8oz jar of shea butter blended with grapeseed oil
blended shea butter basket 8oz blended shea butter-travel jar-light shea butter bar of soap & natural lip balm
heavy shea butter soap vegetable based heavy shea soap 2 bars / $5
light shea soap vegetable based light shea soap 2 bars / $5
edible vanilla sugar lip scrub edible vanilla sugar lip scrub all natural with shea butter
edible watermelon sugar lip scrub edible watermelon sugar lip scrub with shea butter tinted with mica